Strategic Consulting

Implementation of capital allowances strategies including the implementation of capital allowances systems and processes for clients with large capital expenditure programs.

Agreement For Lease Negotiations

Providing capital allowances advisory support during the agreement for lease negotiations e.g. Landlord contributions to fitting out works.

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If an investor’s intention is to make a substantial capital gain without any liability for capital gains tax (CGT) on disposal of the investment, he may decide to invest where there is no such tax as in Singapore and a number of tax havens around the globe.

In such a case it is better to invest in assets with the potential for a high capital appreciation rather than a high annual income which is subject to income tax or some other tax, such as corporation tax (applicable to companies in many countries including the UK) on the net income from the investment.

In the past, an investment in land with development potential, though a highly desirable type of investment, was subject to a development charge based on the increase in value on the grant of planning permission for development.

While the UK has eventually abolished this charge, such a charge is payable in certain countries, in particular Singapore. Such a charge was first introduced in the UK in 1947 by a Labour government and removed by a succeeding Conservative government.

The last attempt enacted by the Labour government was removed by the Conservative government under Margaret Thatcher as Prime Minister.

Income tax and to a lesser extent corporation tax are usually imposed by almost all countries, though the maximum tax rate for such a tax varies from country to country.

The maximum income tax rate in the UK is presently 45% (the additional rate) for high earners; it has been reduced from 50% since 6 April 2013. Corporation tax rates in the FY 2014-15 were 21% for large companies and 20% for small companies.

However there is now only a single corporation tax rate, which is 20% for all companies with effect from 2016-17.

Whether one invests as an individual or through the vehicle of a limited company will depend on tax and other considerations.